Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about GrassRootsOnCall.

Is calling the only method I can use to contact my members to write a letter?

No, you may opt to use our email feature to contact your members.

What happens if my members do not answer the phone call to action?

You may rerun your campaign again, and we will only call members who did not answer.

How long of a message can I record for my call to action and do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is needed, you record your message the same as you would your voice mail box message, over the phone. You can record up to a 2 minute message, although 30-45 seconds is optimal.

How do I know what action each member has taken?

Whether a call or email campaign, detailed reports show each member’s choice of action.

Do I get a copy of all letters sent by my members?

Yes, you have the option to be emailed a copy of all letters sent for any campaign.

Who writes the letters?

You do. You have control over the message. Our Custom Letter Creator allows you to easily make multiple versions of your letter.

I have 1,000 members to call, how long would it take to contact them?

We call 500 members at once, so if your message was 1 minute long, it would take about 5 minutes