Setting up your Engaged Action account is a bit like setting up an email account: You do it only once. After you configure your account, you never have to hassle with it again-unless, of course you open an Affiliate account.

Managing multiple Engaged Action accounts is simplified because each Affiliate account is organized under your Executive account. You can check on all you campaigns from your Executive account.

Don’t be confused

Before you set up Engaged Action, start by collecting the following information for each account. This information will be needed for the setup process:

  • A username and password.
  • The e-mail address to use for outgoing emails.
  • Your e-mail server outgoing SMTP settings.
  • The telephone number for outgoing calls.
  • Import file of contacts.
  • Company Logo File.

Choose an email address and telephone number that your contacts recognize. Most people if they don’t know a number will let calls go to voicemail, and they delete emails if they do not recognize the sender. If you are going to setup an email address or telephone especially for your Engaged Action account, make sure to have a plan to get the word out so your contacts will not ignore you. Try to have them add the information to their contact list.

Many people get confused when asked to enter information about e-mail servers. This is easiest if you gather some basic information from your e-mail provider:

  • SMTP Host
  • SMTP Port
  • SMTP User
  • SMTP Password

The size of the logo file must be less than 200KB. Logo files larger than 200KB will not be uploaded.

Create a CSV file to submit for import of your contacts. Spreadsheet programs like Google Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel make it easy to create and edit CSV files.
Your CSV file should be formatted as a table and must include a header, or first line, that defines the fields in your table. Most contact list support exporting to a CSV file. Engaged Action accepts many common header fields (name, email address, etc.). If you’re updating an existing file, you probably won’t need to change your header field names; if you’re creating a new file and need some guidance, use the field names used in the example below. Please make sure to add any required fields to your CSV by looking at our example spreadsheet.

Example Spreadsheet (header items in red required)

Here are some additional things to keep in mind as you create your file:

  • Headers must be in English.
  • If no Work_Phone is available use 0000000000
  • Opt_In column can be any of the following:
    • No – contact will not be used in campaigns
    • Yes – contact will be used in campaigns
    • Blank – contact eligible for Engaged campaign

Once you’ve entered all of your contacts into a table, save the document and select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv) as the type of file you’d like to save. If prompted to verify your selection, click Yes or OK.

For still more information about CSV files, open Help in Excel.

Once you’ve saved the file, you’re ready to upload for import into your account.

All information and files can be emailed to Be sure to note in your emails your company name and if an Affiliate account their company name.