Engaged Action

The Engaged Action tool allows you to alert your members to upcoming issues with a call to action. This tool sends comments from your members to a board or committee. It can also send letters to state or federal representatives. Watch the video

Kevin Abernathy

Director of Regulatory Affairs / Milk Producers Council

Without prior notice on a holiday weekend, we used GrassRootsOnCall to reach out to our membership about an important hearing on Capitol Hill. 85% of the members contacted sent personal letters to their representatives. Several of our members were so impressed, they called to thank us for using the new software.

Controlled Message

No more rogue letters get sent on behalf of your organization. You now control the message.

Using Engaged Action’s letter writing campaign, when your members participate, you control the messages your membership sends to their representatives. With Engaged Action your letters are designed to keep your association’s message concise and to the point, every time.

“Years ago, we were running what appeared to be a very successful campaign. One of our member’s crafted an egregiously offensive letter to the senator in question. He discounted our entire campaign as a result.” Anonymous

Personalized Letters

No more bulk form letters that get overlooked.
Our software creates multiple versions of letters customized with different fonts and unique layouts. You can also add member’s logos and personalized introductory paragraphs.

No more bulk form letters that get overlooked, with GrassrootsOnCall’s Engaged Action your members send custom unique individual letters with the push of a button.

A successful campaign can take as few as 10 messages from the right people, to 30 – 50 messages from concerned constituents. There can also be the need to run a campaign with a hundred or more messages (or close to your entire membership as possible). Legislative staff have become leery of advocacy organizations because of the massive amounts of communications they receive. It is essential that you target your message to the right people (don’t send the sponsor of a bill a message asking for support). Keep the message short. If you have an effective campaign, you should be able to summarize your concerns on a single page. The first paragraph should address your concern in one or two sentences. The body of your letter should underscore your understanding of the issue and the impact this legislation has on your business, economy, industry, or creation of jobs, for example. The last paragraph should be a call to action and thank them for their time.

“If we get a lot of letters that are clearly the same, we set them aside.” Anonymous – Current Legislative Aide to a Senator in California

District Matching

Members’ letters are sent to the correct representatives.
Members’ letters are sent to the correct representatives. You choose who will be sent letters to influence change.

GrassrootsOnCall’s Engaged Action tool has an optional district matching feature that allows your campaign to hit its mark every time without putting the hassle of looking up districts on the member. Not only does this save members’ time, but it means letters don’t get sent to the sponsor of a bill asking for their support or having letters sent to the wrong representative.

“In advocacy, the first step is identifying the correct person to contact. Typically this is the legislator who represents you. Generally as your elected representative they should be sympathetic to your concerns.” Mark Vandenburg

Campaign Creator

No more spending weeks preparing for a campaign.

We use a six-step process that allows you to quickly and easily set up a campaign. Status Reports are generated and updated live as the campaign runs.

With Engaged Action’s custom campaign creator, setting up an advocacy campaign has never been easier. You can create the perfect letter writing campaign faster and more effectively with just six simple steps. No more spending weeks preparing for a campaign. Most campaigns can be put together start to finish in a few hours!

“On a Thursday evening, we were approached by an association who found out their representatives were having an emergency meeting on Capitol Hill over a holiday weekend. This particular membership is largely made up of farmers. Their ‘desks’ are on their tractors or in their barns. Time was of the essence. The campaign ran Saturday morning. His members were called in less than hour. He was able to connect with 35 of his members, 32 sent letters. He was extremely happy with the results.” Susan Greene, GrassRootsOnCall