Advocating on your member’s behalf is an important part of building membership value and savings through good policy.

Successful associations do this on a regular basis. GrassRootsonCall uses today’s technology to accomplish effective advocacy campaigns easily. This added value helps with retention of existing members and can help you attract new members.

We set out to create the best constituent letter writing service on the market. We interviewed legislators, staff, advocates, and members to find out why current services had such poor results. The number one complaint was from members.  They stated on nearly every occasion, “If you could make it easy, I would participate”.

“I don’t participate when called upon to send a letter because it takes too much time.”  Renee Wilson

Our Engaged Action letter writing tool solves this by simply letting a member press 1 from their phone or yes from an email to have their letter(s) sent. Associations using our service have enjoyed up to an 85% participation rate, that is 17 times more than other services on average. And, we are less expensive.

GrassRootsOnCall also heard from staffers that they can recognize ‘cookie cutter’ letters from other services and expressed how that diminished their impact. With our software, each letter is recognized as unique by using individual fonts, layouts, letterheads, and even personalized paragraphs.

Members trust you to do what is best for them but at times a member can be frustrated about getting more information on a particular issue. Our proactive approach created tools making it easier for you to reach out to those members showing you care. With the value our software provides, your members stay happy, engaged, and paying their dues.

After listening to a message from my association’s executive director, I pressed 2 for more information on an issue. I felt great when I received a personal phone call and, after learning more about the issue, I sent a letter.” Andy Winters