A successful letter writing campaign can take as few as 10 messages from the right people, to 30 – 50 messages from concerned constituents. There can also be the need to run a letter writing campaign with a hundred or more messages (or close to your entire membership as possible). Legislative staff have become leery of grassroots organizations because of the massive amounts of communications they receive. It is essential that you target your message to the right people (don’t send the sponsor of a bill a message asking for support). Keep the message short. If you have an effective campaign, you should be able to summarize your concerns on a single page. The first paragraph should address your concern in one or two sentences. The body of your letter should underscore your understanding of the issue and the impact this legislation has on your business, economy, industry, or creation of jobs, for example. The last paragraph should be a call to action, thank them for their time, and include a point of contact to reach if they have questions.