On every campaign, reports show who participated, who wants more information, and who chose to opt out opening up communication with your membership.

GrassrootsOnCall’s Engaged Action” tool gives you the ability to keep your members engaged in key issues, while making it easy and fast to participate. Members instantly see value in their membership and their association’s advocacy efforts. For any given campaign, your members have three options:

  1. Choose to participate – with a single click, a custom letter is sent on their behalf
  2. Get more information – The association gets a results page that shows them who needs more information which opens up meaningful dialog between the association and its members
  3. Opt out – This triggers yet another opportunity to reach out to your members.  If you know the issue is relevant, why wouldn’t they want to send a letter.

“How did you do that?” Comment from the IT professional after we demonstrated our product to a Sacramento Advocacy Group